Tribute Album: “Die Another Day”

Die Another Day (2002, Dir. Lee Tamahori):  For this review, we’re changing things up: I invited my colleague Urian Brown, the man behind the profane and funny Brown That Banana blog, to co-critique Die Another Day with me. First,...


Brave New World: “GoldenEye”

GoldenEye (1995, Dir. Martin Campbell):  When I started to write these books in 1952, I wanted to find a name that didn’t have any sort of romantic overtones… I wanted a really flat, quiet name, and one of my bibles out here [in...


Going Dark: “Licence to Kill”

Licence to Kill (1989, Dir. John Glen):  There was the shape of a body on Leiter’s bed. It was covered with a sheet. Over the face, the sheet seemed to be motionless. Bond gritted his teeth as he leant over the bed. Was there a tiny flutter...

Roger Moore and Maud Adams in "Octopussy"

Send In the Clown: “Octopussy”

Octopussy (1983, Dir. John Glen): As soon as he had walked through into the living-room and seen the tall man in the dark-blue tropical suit standing at the picture window looking out to sea, Major Smythe had somehow sensed bad news. Then, when the...

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