Leonard Nimoy

In Memoriam: Leonard Nimoy

“The Vulcan was always with me.”  — Leonard Nimoy Sometimes acting isn’t about the acting. Sometimes it’s a matter of the right part finding the right actor; more often than not, the right part and the right actor...

"The Guilty" (1947)

Short Cut: “The Guilty”

The Guilty (1947, Dir. John Reinhardt):  The Film Noir Foundation, which holds the annual Film Noir Festival in San Francisco, has the noble goal of resuscitating films on 35mm: the old classics, the classics, or the just plain old. The Guilty,...

Benedict Cumberbatch in "The Imitation Game"

De-coded: “The Imitation Game”

The Imitation Game (2014, Dir. Morton Tyldum):  Behind every code is an enigma. — Tagline for The Imitation Game Let’s get one thing straight: The Imitation Game is exactly what you would expect from a prestige picture based on the...


Unified Theory: “Coherence”

Coherence (2014, Dir. James Ward Byrkit):  Yeah we’re playing those mind games together Projecting our images in space and in time — John Lennon Like the mysterious case of photographs that sparks the film’s plot, Coherence is...

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