Gold Standard: “Goldfinger”

Goldfinger (1964, Guy Hamilton): ‘Just a moment, Goldfinger, you’re not through yet.’ Bond glanced up at the girl. She was looking at him strangely. There was misery and fear but also a look of submissiveness, of longing....

Sean Connery in "Dr. No"

British Invasion: “Dr. No”

It’s no secret that this writer is a James Bond aficionado (for a gushing example, see here). In the run-up to the 24th film in the EON-produced Bond series, SPECTRE, we look back on past Bonds, in chronological order. Dr. No (1962, Dir....

Jason Statham, Melissa McCarthy and Jude Law in "Spy"

Cloaks and Daggers: “Spy”

Spy (2015, Dir. Paul Feig):  Behind the body-image jokes and the pratfalls, there’s a wry intelligence to Melissa McCarthy. For every potty-mouthed insult, you’ll find a moment of sweet vulnerability; each slapstick moment finds its...

Tom Hardy in "Mad Max: Fury Road"

Hot-rodder: “Mad Max: Fury Road”

Mad Max: Fury Road (2015, Dir. George Miller):  Mad Max: Fury Road is not many things. It is not subtle, complex, or original. But it is most definitely a George Miller film, and for that we should breathe a sigh of relief. Back in the ’80s,...

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