Sean Connery and Daniela Bianchi in "From Russia with Love"

Pimping for England: “From Russia with Love”

From Russia with Love (1963, Dir. Terence Young):  Bond smiled wryly at his reflection in the Perspex as the plane swung out of the mountains and over the grosgrained terrazza of Lombardy. If that young James Bond came up to him in the street and...

Sean Connery in "Dr. No"

British Invasion: “Dr. No”

It’s no secret that this writer is a James Bond aficionado (for a gushing example, see here). In the run-up to the 24th film in the EON-produced Bond series, SPECTRE, we look back on past Bonds, in chronological order. Dr. No (1962, Dir....


The Last Noir: “Chinatown”

Chinatown (Dir. Roman Polanski, 1974): Chinatown opens with photos of a tawdry wife getting it on with an adulterer in the bushes, the visual equivalent of a dirty joke. By the time it ends, the film is as dirty as anything, and anything but a joke....

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