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Hugh Jackman in "Logan"

Dying of the Light: “Logan”

Logan (2017, Dir. James Mangold):  Seventeen years and nine films — that’s how long Hugh Jackman has owned the role of Logan (aka The Wolverine), gruffest and most feral of the X-Men. That’s longer than Connery as Bond, Rathbone...


Monkeying Around: “Kong: Skull Island”

Kong: Skull Island (2017, Dir. Jordan Vogt-Roberts):  “Monsters exist.” So says obsessed millionaire Bill Randa (John Goodman) halfway through Kong: Skull Island, and is there really anything more that needs to be said? No subtext, no...


Hoofing It: “La La Land”

La La Land (2016, Dir. Damien Chazelle):  “There’s something to be said for having even unrealistic dreams. Even if the dreams don’t come true – that to me is what’s beautiful about Los Angeles. It’s full of these people who have...


Remix, Redux: “The Magnificent Seven”

The Magnificent Seven (2016, Dir. Antoine Fuqua):  Fourteen minutes into the remake of The Magnificent Seven, Denzel Washington saunters into a bar. He’s a cowboy dressed all in black, like Yul Brynner in the original Magnificent Seven...


Cosmicomics: “Doctor Strange”

Doctor Strange (2016, Dir. Scott Derrickson):  Ever since his introduction in 1963, Doctor Strange has always been among the trippiest of Marvel’s superheroes. A sorcerer through-and-through, given to bending time and space, the character was...

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